Grande Giro Lamborghini 2013 Grande DVD

Over 2000 photos from David Kaiser (remember the brown VW Beetle convertible in the middle of all Lamborginis!) and additional 1100+ photos provided by four known photographers along the road,... plus Bonus videos in HD format!
Last but not least the Best-Of-Gallery with ~250 photos trying to capture this epic drive in Italy!

DVD delivered in elegant case with color-cover

Price: 95 EURO/115USD incl. international shipping

Orders/Information via: lamborghini(at)


Personalised DVDs with your own photos in HI-RES and postprocessed are also available; price on request

To give you an idea of the photo-DVD content, here's an overview with just 64 photos (preview photos are 50% reduced in size, DVD-photos are 1600pixel, perfect to enjoy on your Full-HD-TV